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Rant on the nature of man in the sate of nature.
arh-204, kiarr
I would like to start by apologizing for the poor spelling of this post those of you who choose to read it. It is intended simply as a rough draft and a way for me to get my thoughts out in a stream of consciousness.  No editing has gone into this, so there may be some spelling errors and I may repeat myself.  I humbly ask that you take this into account before reading.  That said, lets begin:

One of the most common collage exersizes for Phiosophy students is to debate how humanity would act “in a state of nature” I pose that, given the complete removal of outside stimuli and reduced to the basis of a natural state, Humanity will enevitably create civilization. We inherently seek to build a pecking order, even before getting their basic needs, food, shelter, ect, taken care of, people seem unable to function without some type of inehrent Hiarchy.

Take any ten people who speak the same language, put them on a desert island, and leave them put and you will immediately see that they begin acertaining a pecking order. This order is far more fluid than simple pack dynamics, however one or more leaders will inevitably arise, either focusing the abilities of the group, or fracturing it into one or more sub groups.

These individuals and normally natural leaders, those with the stringth of charcter, charisma, and/or phisical prowess to take charge. Actual knowledge plays a very small part in this selection process, no amount of smarts will benefit you if your not able to put them to use. The Leader type is someone who is able to take charge in a situation, and inevitably one will emerge. It takes a lot to reduce a large group to such an abject state that no one person is willing to take control over the whole.

History is filled with events where a group espouces “freedom” and “equality” and overthrows the reighing power, only to find themselves following a new charasmatic leader. A perfect example of this is the French Revolution. The “people” following the urgings of their “fellow citizens” fell upon the royal family and arrested them. The people then made demands of the imprisoned king calling for him to agree to a constitutional monarchy and to give his people more freedoms.

Note the events here, they ARRESTED the king. They did not march in and kill him on the spot. Regiside at that point was nearly as distastful then as killing our own sovergin ruler is today. They also “asked” albeit forcfuly and undeer durress, that he sign something giving them MORE rights, not compleate control. Instictually the people found themselves wanting a ruler, someone who could guid them and rule on forgren policy.
Ultimatly it was at the urgings of a group of very charismatic, and very radical, people, along with the kings stubborn refusal to sign the document, that lead the the exicution of the french monarhcy. The french people wached in a type of surreal horror as the king, queen, and royal family were lead to their deaths.

Oddly enough these same radicals who espoused an almost socialst leaning immediately found themselves looked to by the rest of the country for guidance. Setting themselves up as a “citizens council” they took to ruling and making forgren policy. Most likely if asked why they were making the decicions over the lives of others they would respond “because that is where my talents and skills lay”, and more than likely they would be correct.

The ability to “rule” is ingrained into us. We are so focused on a pack hiarchy that we often cannot function without looking for some direction. This is not to say that we are stupid, quite the contrary. Most people are more than capable of handling the day to day events in their lives, for both themselves and their families. It is when put into a group setting that we begin to establish a pecking order. Again, this order can, and often does, change, based on challenges and the skill sets needed to meet these chalenges. This ingraned need for order is so basic to who and what we are we often do not even realize that it exists, however it is nearly incomprehensable for most people to imagine a world completely devoid of leadership of some type.

Let me pose an example, name what you did today. If you are like most people the answer would be “I got up and went to work” or “I got up and helped my other half get ready for work”. My next question then is why? Why did you go to work in the first place? The answer is usually that you needed the money in order to live and your boss would get you in trouble if you didn't go. Now imagine you didn't have a boss, that you ran your own life, what would you do? At this point peoples answers are universally “whatever I wanted to”

Without some type of leadership society, the cornerstone of our who and what we are, stopped. We are reduced to living only for ourselves and our emotions. You may do something someone tells you because it sounds like a good idea, but ultimatly you are living for yourself. That is until some charasmatic personage comes in and starts bossing people around. At this point we usually just start following them, mainly because “everyone else is”. Even the idea of countering what the leader is saying is difficult due to the fear that “what will happen if they are not making the decicions and driving the group”?

I have often heard the term “mob rule” basically a large number of people who go through in a mob tearing apart anything that they can find. These mobs are, if left unfocused, a possible source of great distruction, but mobs very rarily form by themselves. Normally an instigator (leader) stirs up the emotions of the locals and leads them on a specific goal. Mobs are difficult to control once created, but are normally held together by a set of ideas and focused by a leader. An unfocused mob of pesents can hang arounnd yelling about how they hate things all they want, but it isnt until some loud mouth yells 'Get your pitch forks and torches, we are going to burn down that monsters house' that you start to see movement. This loudmouth also tends to be the one at the forfront of the mob, acting as a guiding force while they storm the mannor. Kill the leadership, and you once again have a bunch of angry people, who will eventually get tired and go home.


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